Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch
Write. Shoot. Cut

Here's some of the video work that I've produced, edited, and shot so far.


Who I Am




My freelance work has given me insights into every part of media production, all the way from idea to completion.

I always seek to learn on a new job, filling in the gaps of my knowledge whatever way I can.

Being multi-skilled makes you adaptable, keeps you sharp, and means you run a happy crew.




I'm self-taught in Premiere, After Effects, AVID, Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Resolve, Audition and ProTools.

I know my f-stops from my t-stops, from DSLR to broadcast.

I can rig a light setup that illuminates your talent and a sound setup that gets their story heard.




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What I Do

Energizer sent me to Camp Bestival, where I shot a promo for their Dress Your Head up installation.

Cambridge Women's Rugby team needed an edit to promote their Deliveroo sponsorship.

I produced this shoot for Boots, managing a challenging shoot with more than 40 crew members and clients on set.

I directed and produced these social videos for Birds Eye. The campaign attracted 250,000 views on their Facebook page.

I post-produced a series of idents for 888 for their Spindipity website launch.

I worked as 2nd camera on this promo, shooting on RED.

This was a Sky/Universal partnership spot that I edited produced with existing assets.

A short promo commissioned by Disney to promote their Aladdin movies.

I edit produced this Kings Of Leon promo for Live Nation.

Other Freelance Work

In Jan 2015, we drove some prosthetics from Spain to The Gambia for UK-based charity Legs4Africa, and made this promo.

I worked with director Garri Frost, editing the 3rd episode of his webseries. I tried to make Beer's last adventure a memorable one.

I edited this back in college, initially shot on 16mm. I also make an appearance (for a couple of frames).

Where I Am

If I'm not working, I'll be travelling.
From learning to drive in Bulgaria to 17-hour taxi rides in Tajikistan, I love to get off the beaten trail.